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What’s the importance of technology in building communication for youngsters?

Since social media exploded, getting noticed, finding customers and targeting users has become more accessible than ever.

Technology and sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and About Me have helped employers and employees to connect and in turn have made communicating and promoting yourself not only quicker, but more creative.

Take me for example. How’d I get this gig? A busy student, part-time copywriter and now social intern for an up and coming company like Adjust Media… I cheekily corrected the director’s grammar in a tweet, sent a comical and informative email that somehow was impressive enough for them to want to meet with me.  Though in between this fun stream of communication was a lot of hard work… Therefore I would say the best thing we can do is be knowledgeable about the best platforms to sell ourselves and then do it to within an inch of our lives.

So – whilst you still have time, before the imminent drowning in a sea of dissertation proposals, unfair deadlines and ridiculous group work commitments- get on your computer and make yourself known. It’s mostly common sense, for example saying  “I’m a hard worker, a fun team member with an endless supply of topical memes and a firm grasp on what makes a great cup of tea” is great. Not only that, it’s fun, makes light of stereotypical post-grad and internship job roles (tea making, sadly) and shows an interest in the internet (mention of memes).

This however, is not that great “Efficient team member, hard worker, thrives on stress, works well in a team”. Agreed, all the points are excellent, but anyone can say that.  We as students, me included still think the way to write about ourselves is in an easy-to-read format. And yes I suppose it is – if you’re applying for a job in your local Wilkinson’s – however it won’t wash with creative marketers. Of course the points are all positive and demonstrate your opinion of yourself, but writing them in that straight forward, boring and informative manner is not enough to get you noticed as a potential sterling member of an agency. Creativity is key. Be diverse, be brave and use examples of these traits in action. You won’t get anywhere with the same sentence structure you used in your application for that Matalan Christmas temp Job.


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