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Is twitter the new battleground?

The Pope

The Pope, as seen on twitter

If religion was part of the Star Wars trilogy, this one might be called the Pope Fights Back. But this time it’s sassy; the most unlikely candidates all over the world are starting to use social media to fight their battles – the followers are their armies, the 140 characters their artillery, and the @ mention their grenade – and things are getting heated. Atheism already has a sexy enough face, what with Ricky Gervais (@rickygervais) and spellchecker (@GSpellchecker), but can the Pope’s use of Twitter give a facelift to the seemingly craggy, decrepit face of religious dogmatism?

Science vs. religion: it’s a debate of the ages and it’s just gone viral. And as there’s no white flag in sight for either sides, Twitter is fast becoming a platform for one of history’s greatest conflicts. But where does it end? It’s a fight unlikely to ever be resolved, so us loyal tweeties will seemingly forever be witness to the arguments and passages between the non-believers and his holiness. Arguably, it was always just a matter of  time before civilization’s greatest battle went viral. I wonder if the Pope has LinkedIn too.

What does this reinforce for us about twitter?

The unique power of social media to start conversations, to spark debate, to name and shame celebrities, is something the world has never seen before. Social media is, must be, a company’s first foray into belief. Some things are meant to go together; social media and emerging brands, peanut butter and jelly, and although faith may not always agree with science, in this case, it seems to be a match as perfect as Mark Corrigan and Jez. Join the debate: @Pontifex

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