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5 mins with Sam from Skdlr


Sam from Skdlr came into the Adjust Media office today to discuss his business

Sam from Skdlr
Sam from Skdlr


Tell us a little bit about yourself and Skdlr?

My name Samuel Des Baux – Chances are you just pronounced my surname wrong ;) . I’m that person that if someone asks me why, I’ll say why not. Skdlr pronounced Scheduler is a business event platform providing resources, tips and advice.

Give us the Skdlr story so far?

I started Skdlr in 2012 after realising it was hard to find credible source for event’s for advice, tips and particularly for the youth market. We have had a high interest throughout immediate networks and events we have attended. At the minute we are building the foundations and supporting business functions to get ready to produce our final full solution.

Why is there a need for Skdlr?

Skdlr will provide a one stop solution for business event hosts from the initial idea and planning to execution. Many SME’s lack the resources and skills to plan, schedule and host events. Many of our features are still in the concept stage and are awaiting development which is what will really define what we are about so watch this space!

Is there any single obstacle to Skdlr’s progress?

Nope, I wouldn’t say there is a single obstacle, although there are contributing factors which we will have to overcome.

What is your daily routine like?

My daily routine changes regularly, some nights I will be working through until early hours of the morning, other nights I will be out.

Is this your first business?

Nope, Skdlr is my second business. My first business was domain & email hosting which I started during College.

What is your favourite app?

Hmm this is a tricky one. Its got to be Microsoft One Note, yes boring I know but without I’m not sure what I would do. I take notes on the move on my iPad, iPhone, Netbook and having them all synced across all of my devices is peace of mind!

What is the best invention of the 21st century?

Going to go for something practical, got to be the iPhone, not sure what I would do without it.

Any last words, what’s on the cards for Sam and Skdlr in the near future?

Keeping progressing on what we are doing, redefining the business and creating our mark in the market.


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